Stoneman Masonry Inc

Green Mason

A unique service we offer involves creating hardscape designs by reusing unwanted concrete pieces from demolished driveways, sidewalks, and pavement. Companies that are in the business of replacing concrete usually are faced with a dilemma: what to do with the old concrete. Despite all the fantastic efforts to recycle concrete, tons of concrete is still sent to landfills every year. Rather than allowing usable concrete to be placed in landfills where it will reside until the end of time, we recycle the pieces and make awesome stuff out of it.

The best part, besides helping the environment, is that by recycling the concrete, we save you money on material costs and still offer you the hardscape design you have always wanted.

Stoneman Masonry Inc. is the only company in Minnesota that offers this service. Below is an example of this service.

Green Mason 4

 Green Mason 3

Green Mason 5