Stoneman Masonry Inc

About Team Stoneman

We are committed to bringing you aesthetic and practical hardscape solutions that extend your 3-season experience into a ‘3.5-season experience’. We enjoy testing the limits of our abilities and are excited to bring people hardscape for outdoor living. We pride ourselves on high quality stonework with an artistic approach and attention to detail. Our areas of experience include: natural stone and blue stone fireplaces, patios, walls, benches, pizza ovens, and intricate stone mosaics and inlays. Our masonry work can be seen at notable places such as Eagle Street Grille, where we installed brick archways that connect each room together, and the Mendakota Country Club, where we installed a new stone fireplace.

Stoneman Masonry began as a masonry repair company where we learned and mastered the technical side of masonry but our artistic voices could no longer remain silent. We now also focus on hardscape designs for indoor and outdoor living.

Team Stoneman

Benn Kidd

Benn grew up in St. Paul, graduated from Bethel University, majoring in Art, and apprenticed as a stonemason under the former owners of Stoneman Masonry. In 2006, Ben purchased Stoneman Masonry with the goal of utilizing his background in Art to expand the business to include hardscape designs.

Dan Carriere

Dan apprenticed with a stonemason in South Carolina before joining Ben at Stoneman Masonry in 2011. Dan is drawn to his work at Stoneman because of the freedom of expression that hardscape design offers. When asked what he does for a living, Dan responds: “I sell rocks that talk.”